A famous person, especially in entertainment or sport. The
state of being well known.


A person who regularly writes material for a blog.


A person who records them self-talking about their life and     uploads it to various video sites

In the Dictionary these two occupations (if you can call it that) cannot be any more different, so it may be weird to associate these careers together. In this day and age *Celebrities are being over ridden by this new phase of *Blogging or more recently *Vlogging.

Some of the bloggers these days are making millions from being the most influential in their field of interest. That being:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Etc.

They have taken over the spotlight from celebrities, mainly because they have mastered the art of product endorsements. Sorry Kimmy K but you’re being left in their shadows.

In the industry of marketing and promotions, RetailDive reported that 70% of teens find that they prefer their bloggers endorsements over celebrity ones. It’s as if they feel a “friendship” between themselves and their blogger remodels as they do get to have the inside scoop of their life’s. Collective Bias conducted a survey which put celebrities to shame against this rapidly growing trend. Only 3% of the surveyors said they’d buy an item endorsed by a celebrity where as 60% vouched for a social media influencer/blogger.

I personally spend most of my time scrolling through Instagram looking for new influencers to follower, and when I do find someone worth my time I scroll rapidly through their 6,000 posts learning more and more about their personal life’s. When I’m not aggressively stalking a blogger you better believe you’ll find me on YouTube watching vlogs about a bloggers day. Whether it’s “Follow me around while I shop” or a “Sit down, Chit chat GRWM” I’m always so intrigued in knowing more about these random people’s life’s that seem to be so much “better” than my own. I

am definitely apart of that 60-70% of teens who turn towards an influencer over a celebrity for anything, any day.

How has this happened you ask? Millennials. It’s all the craze in this generation to have the exclusive goss on someone’s personal life, and bloggers/vloggers are here to do just that. It’s almost like building a bond with them and growing trust through their constant posts. It’s like never ending, free content.

Before social media become all the craze, being a celebrity was everyone’s teen wish. Watch out, because if your living with a millennial you best believe they’re going to start posting on their WordPress about you soon enough.!!!


My Digital Media Journey

College Day

July 17, 2017  week 8 - day 8

I woke up around midday as usual on any normal Monday, ready for my three-hour class at 3pm sharp. I made my way down to college to attend my only class of the day with my favourite lecturer DR Manny Aston.

Feeling ready to be educated I stroll in take my usual seat in the middle of the class and get situated. Once the class starts to fill out we jump right in to business, this is when Manny starts talking about an “assessment 3”. Being away the previous week I was feeling left out in the blue without knowing what this task expected from me, then my lecturer rips out that unwanted notice task sheet.

“… create a digital media project equivalent to 2,000 words.

  • The ways that the “user” both shapes and is shaped by digital media

  • The nature of technologic changes: who is driving these changes; the impact on wellbeing; and how we think about ourselves

  • The future of digital media… “

After reading the assessment outline I figured it was too easy to be true. Any teen could do a project on social media in any format their heart desires. Just post a few Insta pics, retweet a few trending tweets or upload a new Facebook DP, BAM you’ve got yourself an assignment on “The effects of social media with new and improving digital media”.

In this project, I wanted to step away from what I would normally do and instead of focusing on presenting my work through social media, I am documenting my time with this project through diary entries.

Meet myself, Georgia Pasoski AKA the “user” of digital media on a regular daily basis.

I’ll take you on the short journey of what’s supposedly meant to be a 3-week daily check in,

I’ve always been surrounded by various types of media. I started off as a young kid playing with my grandfather’s type writer, then in 2000 the family computer was introduced into the household. I was barely a toddler and I was undoubtedly infatuated with this foreign digital box.

Even though I was introduced to the digital world early on, my reliance on phones or computers only really developed once social media came around about 6 years ago for me. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube are what really got me initially obsessed with digital media. The way any one average person in this world can blow up on the internet virtually overnight is mind-blowing. Just by the way they look in their Instagram photos or entertaining a bunch of people through videos on YouTube which I can easily say is my favourite media platform with so much opportunity for young influencers. I have become so preoccupied with people’s lives through their social sites, so much where every night I have to catch up on all the YouTube accounts I’m subscribed to and make sure every thumbnail tab on my account is shown to me as ‘Watched’ otherwise I can’t sleep peacefully.

Receiving this project today really got me thinking on how much digital media has actually shaped my life, so that’s what I’m going to try to demonstrate over the next week or so.

Newtown – Tried to VLOG ??

July 20, 2017   week 8 - day 11

After a few boring days of going to either college or work I decided today I was going to try something outside of my usual routine to spice up this diary entry project. My sister, myself and a close friend of mine went out down to Newtown to try and see what we can find in some thrift stores. It was the perfect opportunity for me to try vlogging. The whole drive to Newtown was full of fun and cool ideas I could’ve incorporated into the new vlogging craze, I vowed I wouldn’t be shy and id just go for it full force. When it came time to pull out the camera I just couldn’t do it. If the video didn’t come out so bad I would’ve submitted it as my assignment. That content Is long gone, if u could even call it that, I’d go more along the lines of digital garbage.

I was hoping to document my days every so often through videos to get a personal insight into my life using digital media. I wanted to show my progression of starting off as feeling shy and awkward at the idea of exposing myself out in public to hopefully getting more confident or just not caring about my surroundings and others people’s thoughts on my doings. I wanted the video diaries to capture the way the “user is shaped by digital media”.

Last day with Wi-Fi, 1st day of Cruise

July 27, 2017     week 9 - day 18

I woke up today at 9:00am which is unusual for a Thursday, id usually sleep in until noon but I was fine with it because Its cruise day. Today was the day id go on my first cruise being the Carnival Spirit which will be taking me and my family all the way to New Caledonia, Vanuatu and their little isolated islands in-between. I got all my bags packed and ready at the front of my door so eager to hop into our pre-booked maxi cab and get on the road to the docking station at Circular Quay.

By 10:00am the group of 11 of us were seated and off on the highway headed for our boat. All morning I was snapchatting and updating my friends through social media about my nearing departure. We finally pull up to the wharf where our boat is docking from and 2 hours later were abroad the ship, getting settled in our respected cabins and sorting out bed situations just the usual first day vacation requirements.

A few hours roll passed and were done with exploring the boat level by level, from the entertainment rooms to the chapel and libraries without having to glance at our phones once.

By 7-8:00pm we hear the boat horns which indicate were finally going to leave Sydney Harbour and be on our way. All 7 of us teenagers pull out our phones to record the start of our voyage and post it to our snapchat stories for friends and acquaintances to see. Little did we know it was going to be our last bit of reliable Wi-Fi.

As we got further and further into the ocean the reception worsened and as it fully cut out we all ran to our parents wailing our arms in distraught. I personally didn’t know how I was going to last without consistent 24/7 internet connection. Luckily the boat provided guests with a $85 fee for internet access for the duration of our trip which only applied for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. There was no google access, no email or Moodle access for me to check up on due assignments and work and most importantly to me there was no access to YouTube.

I really don’t know how I’m going to last these 11 days with slow and minimal internet access.

Boredom strikes when sailing…

July 28, 2017    week 9 - day 19,20,21

Day 19: (1st full day of sailing)

First full day of pwith no Wi-Fi which resulted in taking painting classes

Day 20: (2nd full day of sailing)

Went to Build-A-Bear to fill up free time while sailing because there was a lack of Wi-Fi

Day 21: (3rd full day of sailing)

Fell asleep on the top pool deck after countless games of ping pong.

Being stuck on a moving ship for three days straight hasn’t been my most pleasant experience so far.

Lifou Island

July 31, 2017    week 10 - day 22

After four full days of sailing and being stuck on a boat, we finally reached our first island which was Lifou. It was breathtaking, the clearest waters I could ever imagine were right below my feet, all I wanted to do was take pictures and videos to post on Instagram and show everyone how stunning this island is.

The locals that lived on this island didn’t speak much English, but since it is a French colonised land they did speak fluent French, not that that helped the already large language barrier.

As we went on to explore the island I could see that there was very limited vehicles and transportation around the village and there were only schools for kindergarteners, with children running freely all over their home land.

Mystery Island

August 1, 2017    week 10 - day 23

I woke up today so excited to get off this boat once again and see what todays destination has in store. After yesterday’s island todays stop off at Mystery island has got me thinking with high hopes.

We catch out little boat onto the main island and it was almost like a picture, such calm and blue waters. After kayaking and snorkelling for most of the day we met this local tour guide that gave us some background information on this island. His name was Cliff and he really impacted me positively. Cliff informed us that the island we were standing on had no running water throughout the area which meant no taps, no toilets nowhere to get fresh water. There was also no electricity here and not one way of transportation everything was on foot, but this island isn’t where these locals live. Every morning a cruise ship docs in on mystery island and the islanders bring all their supplies for their souvenir stores, and sail their boats from the land they live on to the tourism one. Cliff also told us that on their home island there is also no way of transportation so if a child wanted to go to school they had to walk up hills and mountains to get there.

I was also informed by a local coconut seller that there was only schooling up to year 6, if you wanted to proceed with your education you had to move to one of the developed main islands. I played around with lots of the local children and they were happy living just the way they are because they don’t know any other way to live. These kids gave me a reality check and the way they are. Their lifestyle is very different to my own and they are more than grateful for everything they have and everything they don’t.

In my life technology is a major aspect that I live around and with constant changes in the technologic field my life will continuously change and become more futuristic but it will never be as carefree as these individuals I met today.

As harsh as their lifestyle sounds every person I came across wouldn’t have it any other way, and I’m thankful I am able to experience this different way of living.

Mare Island

August 2, 2017    week 10 - day 24

Noumea Island

August 3, 2017    week 10 - day 25

Today is the last stop off on my holiday, after today there will be 3 more days of straight sailing. The boat docked off at Noumea city this morning and after being at three isolated and tropical islands the past few days I was expecting today to be the same.

We catch the shuttle bus from our boat into the heart of the island and I was in for a shock. This island was highly populated, full of shopping malls, museums, aquariums, carnivals, restaurants and hotels. The streets had street lights, there were officers patrolling streets and graffiti all over buildings. Noumea was as far away as a resemblance to the other islands as possible. In this city, the children didn’t attend school if they didn’t want to and rebelled immensely so far as to where the tour guides had to warn us about them.

We caught the bus to the nearest esplanade which were flooded with restaurants and shops on one side and the beach on the other. The workers at the bars were fond of visitors like us and lured us in with the line “we have free Wi-Fi” and everyone flocked in. It’s crazy to see how such a developed island has more issues and problems than the others, which has no laws at all. It goes to show how all this media and technology can truly shape a whole population into something I can now see as a negative impact.

Last Day

August 7, 2017    week 11 - day 29

Today is the end of this new experience. I’m glad I made the decision to document the highlights of my days for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully I effectively documented the way I now view digital media and have portrayed the way it has affected my wellbeing with my reliance towards it. With my discoveries, I can now gladly say I won’t be taking anything for granted anymore and will hopefully cut back on using social media 24/7. (No Promises)


Blogging & Tweeting Without Getting Sued


In today’s technological society it is much easier to get caught up with the online laws of writing and publishing than back in the 19th century. Blogging & Tweeting Without Getting Sued is a book or guide for any blogger or social media user who’s looking for a preface into the downsides and limitations with online writing and broadcastings.


In ‘Chapter1: down to basics’ the segment ‘ancient laws for a digital era’ explains the ongoing changes in the publishing industry. The chapter states that getting messages across to an audience hasn’t always been an easy time efficient process, before publishing through internet and social media was popular and greatly established, publishers had to spend immense amounts of money to only reach one audience group, and feedback was even harder to get across. The development of technology over the years has now made it easier to access resources and to provide information to others globally. Times have now changed and in this new era communicating with a global audience is effortless with productions such as smartphones and apps. This is an outstanding concept that has happened over the last century and it has made it easier to access news and information but because the internet is open to anyone to post thoughts there is a wide variety of ‘fake news’ being produced and also copyrighted content making it far easier to get sued for stolen content now then back when material was printed on paper.


The book claims,

“our words and images transcend the world’s borders and time zones and allow us to develop professional and personal relationships we could never have imagined last century” (chapter1, Page2)


This is the result of new century automations, and although it is a positive to be able to communicate and see reports of events and crisis’s going on in the world live, the downside is that these 21st century digital genius’ are mostly being managed by the laws of a former era designed for traditional methods of publications such as the newspaper.


There are different legal actions in various places for getting sued online. The laws of one state may not apply to your particular online publication or social media posting. This aids to the idea of inconsistent regulations which is known as ‘conflict of laws’. Legislators and judges who follow the 19th-20th century procedures are more likely unable to keep up with technological changes and can find it difficult to adapt, this is why there are such different outcomes with every separate case of plagiarising publications, if these laws are going to be effectively executed then all judges and legislators should adapt to the same rules and outcomes, and therefore the rapidly changing technology is a disturbance in this field of law.


“There has been several recent court decisions running counter to this one, so don’t think you can post whatever you like from the sanctuary of your own country without any fear of legal consequences elsewhere” (chaper1, Page3).


In a website article by Trey Childress, he states that a professor named Marketa Trimble claims:


“After years of what seemed to the outside world to be a period of denial, internet companies now appear to have awakened to the idea–or at least to have acknowledged the idea–that conflict of laws does play a crucial role on the internet.”


This quote shows that even though times are changing rapidly through the internet, and it may not always be the best option, that there is no going backwards it will only progress over the years with new approaches.


“Don’t believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” 
― Douglas Adams


The 3 Stages

 Shock, Panic, Relief

How are you supposed to act when your favourite artist announces his tour into your country? We weren’t taught this in school, no one prepared the kids of the 21st Century for the real world.

It was February 22, 2017, 12:00pm, when headlines broke out all over my Facebook feed saying “J. COLE’S COMING TO AUSTRALIA”. How do I cope with such information this early in the morning?

I went straight into shock mode, slight cardiac arrest. Borderline over dramatic but I mean, I did just wake up from probably the deepest sleep I had all week, it was also my day off from all responsibilities. I am supposed to relax on Wednesday’s, that idea had now been thrown out the window.

Shortly after having a minor trauma episode, panic hit me. I wasn’t even sure if he announced a Sydney show yet, I was too busy freaking out about the words ‘J. Cole’ and ‘Australia’ in the same sentence. I quickly clicked onto the Facebook link and scrolled, passing Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and then finally Sydney. I sat there eyes wide, with a sense of relief crashing over me.


7 Days of Stress

One week. That’s all I had. Seven whole days, which is not enough time to mentally prepare myself for the biggest sale Ticketek is about to experience all year. One day passed, then two, then three and so on, my week going quicker than usual.

28th of January quickly approached. I woke up a 9:00am for an 11:00am release. Two hours. That’s all I had. I sat in my bed, stressed off my head. I’ve had an assignment every week for the past two months and this is the most stressed I’ve been all year. My priorities were set on getting these tickets. My mind didn’t allow me to think of any other outcomes, I was dedicated. I sat there on the website watching the time roll past, with my mouse ready to go wild on the ‘Buy Ticket’ button.


Reality Sinks in

I had my credit card ready beside me, fan on medium and a cup of water on my bedside stand to get me all set. I was very well prepared to say the least. The dreaded 11 O’clock quickly rolled around. My eyes frantically skimmed the screen, mouse clicking everything it possibly could before my timer ran out. Then the unthinkable happened. The dreaded “Thousands of fans are online to get tickets right now, do not refresh this page, you will be redirected shortly” page popped up, and I just had to sit in my own silence, while reality slowly sunk in. Five minutes later, I’m back on the site and of course my time has run out and all tickets have been sold. My eyes were set on ‘ALLOCATION EXHAUSTED’, the two words that will haunt me endlessly.

Thunder Road – Jim Cummings

Story Analysis

Thunder Road is a sweet short film directed, produced and performed by Jim Cummings with hints of comedic relief scattered within. The plot description is simple: taking place at his mother’s funeral, Officer Arnaud goes up to give his eulogy, but, being a simple and plain-spoken man, he decides he needs a little help from a boom box and his friend, Bruce Springsteen. This is where the title of the film ties in with the story line when he plays Thunder road to the mourning crowd. The film was so amazingly executed it won an award in 2016 at the Sundance awards show for films.



Thunder Road shares a certain vagueness that is commonly seen amongst many other award winning short films. The film portrays an effortlessly appearing film style that allows it to seamlessly shift between each genre in a way that can be exhausting for full length productions.

       “We shot 6 full takes of it, 2 we had to cut short because we all started laughing.”                – Jim Cummings

In a certain light, Thunder Road is a heart-string tugging tragedy of raw grief on display, and Arnaud’s inability to express it is pitiable. In another light it is purely, and uproariously funny and comedic.

       “I had wanted to make something like the movies that I loved that made me laugh and cry at the same time” – Jim Cummings


Narrative techniques:

Plot: The plot of the film is the comedic and emotional ride an officer goes through while mourning and commemorating the life of his dead mother at her funeral, where he performs her favourite song Thunder Road followed with an ensemble where it gets out of hand and is cut short. This type of plot resembles closely to the plot style, red herring this is when the protagonist in this case being Officer Arnaud is Diverting attention away from an item of significance. In Thunder Road, the attention is diverted away from the grief of the audience and the casket to Arnaud during his performance.

Perspective: The perspective in a film Is the way in which the story is being told. Thunder Road is only being told from the protagonist, Arnaud, as if he is telling the story himself. This is called First-person narration. It is very rare to hear from any other sub-actors in the duration of the film, putting emphasis on this one-sided story.


Key elements:

The most memorable scene is the performance of the song Thunder Road which his mother claimed was her favourite. On the fringe of the shot we can see someone is recording his performance on their iPhone as the camera is pulling back into a wider shot of officer Arnaud’s routine. In this moment, it is possible to feel empathy because it is no longer a private and raw moment of emotional vulnerability between a son and a deceased parent. The song and dance now has the ability to be posted on media platforms for laughs and the ability to go viral, taking away the grief associated with a funeral ceremony.

Arnaud’s song (which was sung by his mother in his early years) essentially evoked a sense of freedom and leisure to his mother, therefore, in a sense, the actions that Arnaud portrays to the song are a tribute to his mother internal feelings of liberty and power associated with the lyrics and instrumental backdrop of the music. Furthermore, the dance that Arnaud showcases further accentuates the idea of freedom that his mother so fervently seeks. In the second section of the film, for a brief moment, a cop who weighs the responsibilities of the law and citizens has a chance to also behave as a human and feel the freedom his mother once loved to dream about. And although the actions are perceived as an embarrassing and awkward they are overall a recognition of his internal being.


3 act:

The 3-act dramatic structure isn’t always leaned on when creating story lines for any production with a plot. This traditional style of script writing evidently showcases why not all writers and directors follow this structured procedure.

The first act is usually used for exposition, to establish the main characters, their relationships and the world they live in. Later in the first act, a dynamic, on-screen incident occurs that confronts the main character

In the short film thunder road, officer Arnaud is the protagonist throughout the production. During the early scenes of the film the audience is informed that Arnaud is grieving the death of his mother which whom he was not very close with, but demonstrated an emotional attachment when trying to move past her death.

The second act, also referred to as “rising action”, typically depicts the protagonist’s attempt to resolve the problem initiated by the first turning point, only to find him- or herself in ever worsening situations.

This stage of the dramatic structure is incorporated within the film when Arnaud is trying to express his deep emotions by performing his mother’s favourite ensemble of song and dance to thunder road. This is evident in the scene where Arnaud tries to start up the boom box, this is where plot goes south and the disc starts skipping and Arnaud loses his temper and begins to curse, creating tension throughout the fellow mourners.

The third act features the resolution of the story and its subplots.

When following this dramatic structure, the third acts states a resolution in the end, however in this case, the film stays awkward and tense throughout. This tension stirs away from the conventional ending of traditional story plots.


In the final analysis, it is understood why this short film won a Sundance award with the evidently hard work and dedication Jim Cummings put into writing, directing and acting in the short production. He took risks with the way it was executed perfectly in an untraditional one take method of filming, and stood out in the way in which he morphed two contrasting genres into one amazing short film.

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