New Business Pitching: Is There a Better Way?

Pitching is an essential part of creative agencies’ DNA for obtaining new business or even retaining the existing business. For agencies, pitching new business is often a drain on resources, time and determination, and as much as they hope it works well each time it doesn’t always result in the best pairing of clients and... Continue Reading →



*Celebrity: A famous person, especially in entertainment or sport. The state of being well known. *Blogger: A person who regularly writes material for a blog. *Vlogger: A person who records them self-talking about their life and uploads it to various video sites In the Dictionary these two occupations (if you can call it that) cannot... Continue Reading →

My Digital Media Journey

College Day July 17, 2017  week 8 - day 8 I woke up around midday as usual on any normal Monday, ready for my three-hour class at 3pm sharp. I made my way down to college to attend my only class of the day with my favourite lecturer DR Manny Aston. Feeling ready to be... Continue Reading →

Blogging & Tweeting Without Getting Sued

Analysis In today’s technological society it is much easier to get caught up with the online laws of writing and publishing than back in the 19th century. Blogging & Tweeting Without Getting Sued is a book or guide for any blogger or social media user who’s looking for a preface into the downsides and limitations... Continue Reading →

Thunder Road – Jim Cummings

Story Analysis Thunder Road is a sweet short film directed, produced and performed by Jim Cummings with hints of comedic relief scattered within. The plot description is simple: taking place at his mother’s funeral, Officer Arnaud goes up to give his eulogy, but, being a simple and plain-spoken man, he decides he needs a little... Continue Reading →

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